Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Any comments from LDS Meetinghouse Librarians would be greatly appreciated on the following:

Our librarians get all the primary "boxes" ready for the coming Sunday. However, we do not do the same for the Sunday School. I wonder, what do librarians in other wards and branches do?

It would have been helpful if I had prepared the Sunday School material. On Sunday morning the teacher of the "Presidents of the Church" (age 12 and 13 year old class) came in and requested the TV/machines, and the video "Howard W. Hunter, Prophet of God" number 53946. We didn't have the video. I checked her lesson manual, and yes, she had the number correct, I checked the 2009 catalog, and it was not listed in there. When at home, and on-line later in the day I checked the online catalog, and it is not listed there either. (that was no surprise to me, if it is not in the printed catalog, it would not be on-line either.) I checked the Library Start up kit, and it WAS listed there! puzzlement! I emailed the curriculum link listed beside the online manual, and they sent me the online order link, which was of no use, because I had already tried that.

Has anyone else ran into the problem of the mysterious video that is but isn't?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sometimes I can find them, sometimes I cannot. Saving the links as I find them is helpful to me, and sharing them may help others discover the rich resources the Church provides for us on-line.
This weeks Sunday School lesson called for "the whole armour of God". I found it online. If a library does not have access to it, I believe it is down loadable. Our Sunday School teachers have the DVD of D&C videos called for in their manuals. These videos can also be used by families for FHE.
I noticed that the videos for the up-coming Old Testament Sunday School are not on-line. I imagine that they will come online as the year progresses, just as the D&C videos did. The entire DVDs are also available for purchase online, or at the Church Distribution Centers in local areas.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Link: Thinking Aloud

My daughter gave me a mp3 player for my birthday, enabling me to listen to programs while away from my computer. (I know, I am WAY behind the times!) This is a huge blessing, as is the program from BYU Broadcasting Radio Studio: Thinking Aloud. There are a variety of topics which are discussed with educators at BYU, or other professionals in a given field. Last night I listened to the archived program on Dante. I've listened to programs on Dante before, but never before from a BYU perspective. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear comments and insights from BYU professors, while otherwise being far removed from the campus at BYU. A program I highly recommend. There is a disclaimer: the program's views are not necessarily the views of BYU, or it's sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This being said, it is a refreshing oasis (their description) from the loud angry shouts as people share their opinions in other media venues.

On a different topic. I am concerned about websites having a picture of the prophet "front and center" without an equally "front and center" disclaimer, when they are not official church websites. Thinking aloud, though from BYU, DOES NOT have the prophets picture on it's website front page. However, there is a website, by an individual with a very narrow political stand, that has the picture of the prophet on its web site's front page. This gives the false illusion that the site is an official church website; and therefore the strong political opinions are also the church's stand. A touch misleading. Any comments?

Google finally added a spell check!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Old Goals and New Links

Due to time restrains, the goals in the last blog will not be completed until after other projects, with fast approaching deadlines, are completed.

There are additions to the links box. An excellent talk was given by President Uchtdorf at the CES Young Adult fireside. My husband and I enjoy listening to BYU FM 89 Sunday evenings; there is a variety of classical music, "Music and the Spoken Word", and a BYU address/rebroadcast. The CES Young Adult fireside was the address rebroadcast this week. It is a wonderful relaxing way to spend a Sunday evening. Though we are empty nesters, listening to President Uchtdorf's talk was inspiring, meaningful and at times a good chuckle.

Another noteworthy link added is the Sunday School videos page. My husband is the branch Sunday School President, and I am the assistant librarian. It is very helpful for us, but my husband especially, to watch the video on training Sunday School Presidents. (a way of receiving the training and leadership that was not available/did not happen) We plan to continue watching the videos, thus receiving the training on line to better understand and carry out our callings. Hope others find these links helpful as well.