Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Any comments from LDS Meetinghouse Librarians would be greatly appreciated on the following:

Our librarians get all the primary "boxes" ready for the coming Sunday. However, we do not do the same for the Sunday School. I wonder, what do librarians in other wards and branches do?

It would have been helpful if I had prepared the Sunday School material. On Sunday morning the teacher of the "Presidents of the Church" (age 12 and 13 year old class) came in and requested the TV/machines, and the video "Howard W. Hunter, Prophet of God" number 53946. We didn't have the video. I checked her lesson manual, and yes, she had the number correct, I checked the 2009 catalog, and it was not listed in there. When at home, and on-line later in the day I checked the online catalog, and it is not listed there either. (that was no surprise to me, if it is not in the printed catalog, it would not be on-line either.) I checked the Library Start up kit, and it WAS listed there! puzzlement! I emailed the curriculum link listed beside the online manual, and they sent me the online order link, which was of no use, because I had already tried that.

Has anyone else ran into the problem of the mysterious video that is but isn't?

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