Friday, November 13, 2009

New Link: Thinking Aloud

My daughter gave me a mp3 player for my birthday, enabling me to listen to programs while away from my computer. (I know, I am WAY behind the times!) This is a huge blessing, as is the program from BYU Broadcasting Radio Studio: Thinking Aloud. There are a variety of topics which are discussed with educators at BYU, or other professionals in a given field. Last night I listened to the archived program on Dante. I've listened to programs on Dante before, but never before from a BYU perspective. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear comments and insights from BYU professors, while otherwise being far removed from the campus at BYU. A program I highly recommend. There is a disclaimer: the program's views are not necessarily the views of BYU, or it's sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This being said, it is a refreshing oasis (their description) from the loud angry shouts as people share their opinions in other media venues.

On a different topic. I am concerned about websites having a picture of the prophet "front and center" without an equally "front and center" disclaimer, when they are not official church websites. Thinking aloud, though from BYU, DOES NOT have the prophets picture on it's website front page. However, there is a website, by an individual with a very narrow political stand, that has the picture of the prophet on its web site's front page. This gives the false illusion that the site is an official church website; and therefore the strong political opinions are also the church's stand. A touch misleading. Any comments?

Google finally added a spell check!

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