Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fixed the picture index spreadsheet

I fixed the picture index spreadsheet, so that it works correctly. Previously I had input numbers as text; the columns would not sort correctly. Google has changed a few things, and I had to relearn how to work the site. :P

Howard W Hunter, Prophet of God

The Video: Howard W. Hunter, Prophet of God,#53946 is needed for lesson #42,"The Presidents of the Church" Sunday School manual for ages 12 and 13.

Our MHL did not have a copy of this video. The Church Distribution 2009 (both hard copy and online)catalog did not list it. However, it was listed in the 2003 Library Start up kit. I contacted church cur; they said the video was no longer available.

That clears up the puzzle, but brings me another puzzle. In reading the MHL guidelines, we had the understanding that if an item is not listed in the catalog, we were not to have it in the library. (I know how important it is for teachers to use current church approved materials in their lessons.) However, in the case of this video, we may have given away a video needed for a lesson. :/ We really do need a list of church approved materials called for in any lesson/manual, regardless if they are no longer available or not. That would prevent us from discharging materials we need, but are not listed in the catalog.