Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I still haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the video drawers, and a few other things, the last few Sundays have been busy.  I will get to it soon. 
thanks to Teresa and L. H. for great ideas which I am now going to use for our library.  it is so nice to share ideas with other librarians. 
I STILL struggle to find the links to the images and videos on the church website.  (just saying...)  L.H. introduced me to pinterest, and I am trying to save the links on there, so I can find them easier.  I should make time to ensure that I have saved them here as well, i guess. 
A very cool thing happened this week.  The branch president wanted a video that he saw decades ago; he described the video, the message, and who was speaking in it.  I tried to find the video on the church website, but with no luck.  I then searched the church website with the key words, and yes! i found an article in the Church News 1982 talking about the video; it contained the catalogue number and title.  I went back to the churches video page and online store, and nothing.  (I wasn't too surprised)  Tonight in the library I looked up the title in the catalogue index, and it was there!  It indicated where I would find the video (it was now one of several videos on a VHS with a different name and number)
I am going to try to search on the church website again, and see if I cannot get it to show up.  If it is in the catalogue, it should be on the church online store as well.
I was happy that I succeeded in finding it, in any case


C Robinson said...

I don't know if you are aware of this site, just came across it: http://www.topicalguy.com/pdf/LDS_Video_Guide.pdf

Has all the older videos with short descriptions that I believe are from the catalogue as well as divided by subject. This is a project I had worked on awhile and then lost all my data in a move, so it is wonderful to see that someone else actually did it. I only wish I had known ten years ago when I started mine and worked on it for about five years trying to track down obscure videos.

ls said...

thanks so much, I didn't know about it. that is a huge help